As an engineer-architect, our buildings have to meet our requirements, the architecture, the structure and the building technology.

Integrated solutions are for us fundamentally in the early stages. Our knowledge of economically and creatively engineering is introduced in our buildings.

The integration of the social and cultural needs of humans and our responsibility to safeguard the future of our children requires a sustainable architecture which we are committed to.

The implementation of our buildings in an unusual environment is our specialty. Recognizing the particular surrounding conditions to incorporate and to deliver our buildings in the usual quality is our challenge.


The evaluation and networking of environmental sub-concepts for water, energy, space, building materials and construction, material cycles / recycling and mobility in the given environment to a sustainable overall concept, considering the present economic conditions of a project task, is our main approach in architectural and engineering design as an engineer architect.

Certifications according to the standards of the DGNB or LEED (international certificate) are accompanied in our projects by the owner's wish.

haghnazari Architect and Construction Engineer